Old Bucharest ( Old City ) in pictures

Designed as a repository of pictures and stories happening in Bucharest, Romania NOW. These are from a meetup with some friends in August 2010, somewhere on Lipscani.

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1 Response to Old Bucharest ( Old City ) in pictures

  1. Paula Gaines says:

    Rents are really low, you can get a really modern semi-central flat for as low as €250 per month. Huge supermarkets and malls are right in the heart of the city, so shopping and food supplying doesn’t consume much of your time. There are literally hundreds of bars and clubs in Bucharest, and every night there’s always a place to hang out with friends. Week-ends see the visits of top DJs, Digweed or Sasha have Romanian clubs in their favourite places list, plus 9 out of 10 girls you see on the street are hot! Transport is easy and affordable, taxi’s fares rarely go above £2-3. There is a complex metro network, with a node station (Eroilor) right near Carol Davila univesity. Buses, trams and trolleys spread throughout the entire city, with connections to any commercial place or neighbourhood.

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