Old city. http://ow.ly/i/DsRNA

Old city. http://ow.ly/i/DsRNA

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UFE 5 mars . Pot mensuel organisé par l

UFE 5 mars .
Pot mensuel organisé par l’Union des Français de l’Etranger Roumanie Veuillez chercher les détails sur leur page web : https://www.facebook.com/pg/UfeRoumanieofficiel/about/?ref=page_internal http://ow.ly/i/DqTjP

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Meetup Oct. 2nd, 2015

October 04, 2015 at 1222PM 11061652_1047873711924249_6324941031184263769_n 11065856_1047872738591013_7179342463775999433_n 11224311_1047872825257671_4255229740976994714_n 11225161_1047873135257640_8514822402784539180_n 12027618_1047871508591136_3546710123816449334_n 12063707_1047872341924386_1839962091422245632_n 12072651_1047871755257778_8085951234398510192_n 12072733_1047872718591015_2489029952516831785_n 12074955_1047871628591124_5977684056600217717_n 12074955_1047873478590939_7683842727688326402_n 12075079_1047871411924479_1151421308378447679_n 12079296_1047872268591060_1641628820353943803_n 12088395_1047872628591024_212571151969177360_n 12105907_1047873581924262_7050069225760838117_n 12107752_1047872321924388_7286504274795730208_n 12107861_1047871621924458_7283814298198470047_n 12108128_1047871851924435_3842783267683063962_n 12108198_1047871405257813_6706557749503503157_n 12109171_1047873435257610_8344299690872167225_n 12118828_1047872565257697_2879648058997947702_n 12119014_1047873358590951_964543715209090075_n 12119182_1047872168591070_5381633859431341551_n 12122567_1047873151924305_5690368617259062240_n 12122598_1047872001924420_4011493944396696311_n 12122694_1047872831924337_6871016641588968633_n 12122940_1047871631924457_684352491139006518_n 12141780_1047873508590936_2247652899698120255_n 12144874_1047872938590993_2175884885364306303_n 12144950_1047871751924445_4421291878582922694_n October 03, 2015 at 0538PM October 03, 2015 at 0538PM (1) October 03, 2015 at 0539PM October 03, 2015 at 0539PM (1)

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Bed and Breakfast Vila Mara in Sărata-monteoru is a small-scale hotel with 10 rooms.

Vila Mara is located in the spa town of Sarata-Monteoru, 14 km from Buzau. Free WiFi is available, and the garden includes an outdoor pool, a children’s playground, and barbecue facilities.

The spacious rooms overlook the garden and feature cable TV and a seating area. Bathrooms are shared.

Guests of Vila Mara can use a shared kitchen, play table tennis, and rent bicycles. Free private parking is available.

The closest restaurant and supermarket are 100 metres away.35825904 35825906 35825908 35825913 35825915 (1) 35825915 35825920 35825923 35825930 35825942 35825946 35825947 35825948 35825949 CaptureMap Capturemap2 images

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Cazul Dan Ungureanu – cum este posibil ca un elev sa fie exmatriculat din Liceul de Arta Buzau fara sa aiba corigente sau absente ?

Cazul Dan Ungureanu – cum este posibil ca un elev sa fie exmatriculat din Liceul de Arta Buzau fara sa aiba corigente sau absente ? 

Acte, documente, actiuni

Decizia de exmatriculare

Procesele verbale

Actul aditional prin care se rectifica ” eroarea materiala”

Act Aditional-page-001 Act Aditional-page-002

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All Expats Welcome To Bucharest!!!

Regular Wednesday “French Meetup” @ Bistro Transilvania

RFB 27 mai 2015 Bistro Transilvania

  • Wednesday, May 27, 2015

    7:00 PM


  • Bistro Transilvania

    Tonitza 13, Bucharest

    Wednesday evening come to meet your friends, make new friends and have a beautiful evening in an international environment!

    The event draws 50-70 people each time. The atmosphere is relaxed and has no clear dress code (don’t bring your sweats , anyway) , although most participants are business people.

    It’s not mandatory to speak French (we don’t speak French all the time), our members speak also Romanian, but you must have a certain interest. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the meetup.

    ( Pictures from previous events can be seen here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/bucharestmeetup/photos/ )

    The RFB team (Valentina S, Manuel, Dragos B, Charles, Livia, Laura, Thorsten, Andreea, Ioana, Zina, Stephane W, Stephane G, Philippe, Silvy (StanSilvy) , Regine, Ruxanda, Luc Francois and Tudor)

    Same group on facebook.

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Old Bucharest ( Old City ) in pictures

Designed as a repository of pictures and stories happening in Bucharest, Romania NOW. These are from a meetup with some friends in August 2010, somewhere on Lipscani.

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